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Welcome to the LiveArt Movement. We are a photographic library supported by people of all ages who love what they do. It doesn’t matter how we identify with this inspiring energy, a beautiful work of Art tells the story. To love art is to live art.

We encourage the youth to be creative with their downtime from their studies. Our goal is to support the Natural Roots Foundation as we continue to open after school youth studios. 75% of earnings from all photos sold are donated to building our sustainable afterschool programs within Philadelphia. Our high school graduates have started college clubs which we deeply support and mentor. The remaining 25% goes to the artist's genuine effort we are so moved by. The Natural Roots Foundation is committed to providing tomorrow's future leaders with safe havens to study, be educated on healthy habits, be mentored by professionals of their academic interest, research relevant topics on our mobile technology lab, relax in our gaming center, and receive tutoring on school studies.

Thank You for your continuing support and spread of our growing client family. Consider us your digital Family Library. We look forwarding to serving you and your family in the future. We will continue our journalistic journey of your life’s most candid and unforgettable moments, Your Tangible Proof. Word of mouth is our healthiest advertising, so please talk to people about your life’s beautiful moments that we have had the Honor to be a part of.

Take pictures today and share some of your favorite prints with your family and friends. We guarantee that soon the room will be warm with laughter and creativity.

: Thank You.

destinations : Philadelphia : Virginia : New Jersey : New York : Washington DC : North Carolina : Miami

LiveArtPhoto specializes in photo-journalistic wedding, sports, fashion, and boudoir photography.

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